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Accident Management

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Telephone: (724) 335-3744


-Accident Management Procedures

-Emergency Operating Procedures (EOPs)
-Severe Accident Management Guidelines (SAMGs)
-FLEX Procedures
-Procedure Setpoints

-PROcedure Maintenance System


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Interested In PROMS?

New customers who have an interest in learning more about PROMS should contact Harry Julian at 724-335-3744.  We would be happy to show you why PROMS is the most advanced, easiest to use procedure maintenance system available.  For additional information, please see our PROMS Brochure.  


Click HERE for the 2017 Embedded Image and Equation Editor Demo.

Click HERE to view a list of our current PROMS users.



- Upgrading EOPs to Revision 3 at two Midwestern nuclear plants

- Completed project for D.C. Cook upgrading SAMGS to Addendum 2

- Volian is releasing the newest general release of PROMS to all 17 utility sites and Westinghouse 

Press Release

February 16, 2017

Volian Enterprises Inc. has been contracted to upgrade Severe Accident Management Guidelines (SAMGs) at several nuclear power plant sites.These projects are currently ongoing for the development of upgraded SAMGs to comply with the SAMG PWROG Revision 0 version.  Volian is a recognized global expert in the accident management field and has worked for numerous NPPs on SAMGs around the world.