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PROMS Demonstrations

2016 PROMS General Release Demos

Click HERE for the Overview

-Run Time: 19:53 

Click HERE for Enhanced Documents and PDF Links

-Run Time: 20:49

Click HERE for Continuous Action Summary

-Run Time: 6:25 

Click HERE for Copy Step/Copy Sub Step

-Run Time: 2:23 

Click HERE for Inserting a Table off of Table

-Run Time: 1:15

Click HERE for Table Scrunching

-Run Time: 1:17 

Click HERE for Concurrent Users

-Run Time: 2:00 

Click HERE for DB Selection via Desktop Shortcuts

-Run Time: 9:03 

Click HERE for Administrative Tools

-Run Time: 7:32 

Click HERE for Step Compression

-Run Time: 5:11 

Click HERE for Printing Large Word Sections

-Run Time: 2:19 

Click HERE for Preview without Manual Adjustments

-Run Time: 3:38 

Click HERE for Approved Data and Demo Wrap Up

-Run Time: 19:11 

Past Demos

Click HERE for the Tree View Demo.

- Run Time: 53:10 

Click HERE for the Word Section Demo.

Run Time: 40:06

Click HERE for the Search Function Demo.

    Run Time: 24:57

Click HERE for the Procedure Editor Demo.

   Run Time: 47:00

Click HERE for the Insert and Delete Function Demo.

Run Time: 1:06:31

Click HERE for the Change Manager/Approval Demo.

Run Time: 1:20:49

If you have comments or questions about the demos, please email or call us!

Note: The demos run on Windows Media Player

As always, we appreciate your dedication to PROMS and will continue to maintain and add functionality to keep PROMS the leading procedure maintenance software in the industry.