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- Quick adherence to Writers Guide
- Structured Authoring of step elements
- Time saving for subject matter experts
- Data does not have field codes
- Automatic pagination
 REFERENCED OBJECTS - Database connected to procedure text
- Promotes consistency 
- Managed links provides user valuable information
- Supplemental information in a database record
- Can provide multiple return values
 CHANGE MANAGER - Complete history tracked within PROMS
- Complex undo between step, sections and procedures
- Report generation
- DBA functionalities
- Beneficial manipulation of databases
- Early detection of potential database problems
 GLOBAL SEARCH - Capability to search for text, annotations, referenced objects and transitions
- Organize search results by text or procedure location
- Generate report of search results

 PARENT CHILD PUBLISHING CAPABILITY - Applicability is set for each set and section
- One parent procedure
- Individual children procedures automatically generated and published
 MODERN INTERFACE - Customizible in style and color
Ribbon and tabs with large buttons for step editing
Tree view – expandable hierarchy of all procedure sets, procedures, sections, steps, and substeps
Side by side viewing - edit multiple procedures concurrently
Many ways to accomplish same function caters to different work style

 MULTI-USER AND SECURITY Procedures are checked in and checked out automatically
 Only one writer in a procedure at a time
 Force check out for when procedures are accidentally left open
- Windows authentication
Administrators assign other users to security groups and have comprehensive access to all functions
Four additional security groups with varying levels of privileges

 REPORTS - Generated in PDF form
- Transition Report - Lists every single link (transition) between or within procedures

- Complete RO Report - Comprehensive information on selected or all ROs

- RO Usage Report - What ROs (selected or all) are used where throughout selected or all procedures

- RO Summary Report - Key information on all or selected ROs or groups of ROs in the database

 MS WORD INTEGRATION FOR ACCESSORY PAGES - MS Word runs within PROMS for accessory pages that required free form editing
ROs can be added into Word sections

Multiple annotations can be placed on steps, sections, or procedures
- Searchable
- No character limit
- Admins can customize types
Simple plackeepers with no associated text
Individual - each user’s bookmarks are not viewable or removable by any other user

PROMS is an advanced document management system specifically designed to address the unique maintenance requirements of nuclear power plant procedures.   The capabilities built into PROMS provide a tool that goes far beyond any other system that can be used to maintain procedures so that plant personnel productivity can be significantly improved.  The features provided in PROMS simplify document maintenance and change control.  This can cut procedure maintenance time by up to fifty percent!  Please take a look at our  PROMS brochure for more detailed information.  CLICK HERE to see PROMS in action!