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 EOP Related Services  See Accident Management tab
 Accident Analysis Consulting  Volian personnel have in-depth knowledge and experience in two-phase thermal hydraulic transient analyses. We can use our knowledge to assist you in all aspects of performing accident transient analyses including determining the appropriate cases to analyze and reviewing/analyzing the results. We assisted several Eastern European NPPs and an Asian NSSS vendor in developing analytical justifications for the recovery strategies in their EOPs and SAMGs.
 Nuclear Plant Licensing Consulting  Volian personnel have been involved in the technical resolution of numerous significant licensing issues over the past 30+ years.  Our experiences with Construction Permit and Operating License licensing can be valuable in the new era of new reactor model licensing.  In fact, Volian's President, Harry Julian, was the Nuclear Safety department's representative to the design group developing the original advanced reactor designs in the early 1980's at Westinghouse Electric.

 Information Technology  From our experience in developing software applications including PROMS and workforce management software, Volian engineers can assist in developing an information technology plan to solve your information needs.  We can design and implement specific database solutions for your plant, including methods to automate the development and maintenance of complex documents.

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