Power Uprate Project Software

Our nuclear power plant uprate software is designed to assist in the project management and the development of project deliverables for a power uprate project.  It integrates and organizes all the information necessary to formulate the documents required to be submitted to the NRC for the power uprate application.  The software tracks outstanding issues and permits the creation of both an internal (i.e., for company use only) document and an external document.

Enterprise version can manage multiple projects.  Consortiums or utilities with multiple applications and/or regulators can compare submittal material between projects.  This concept can also easily be applied to any other risk-informed licensing issue, such as, Fire Protection and New Reactor COLs.

This software is a productivity and quality improvement tool that will greatly benefit your project.

Workforce Management Software

The Engineering Workforce Management System (EWMS) is a comprehensive workforce management solution specifically designed for the nuclear industry

A presentation on the Engineering Workforce Management System (EWMS) was given at Primavera's 20th Annual User conference on November 9-12, 2003.  EWMS was developed for RG&E to efficiently monitor and manage the engineering department.  Various functions of the system was demonstrated to show how they integrate with Primavera to create a living strategic plan.  Please look at the presentation slides also for additional information.

If you would like more information on EWMS, please contact us at volianenterprises@volian.com.

Integration Software

We have designed and developed numerous Database solutions for a diverse set of customers from the health care industry, government, and electric utilities, and ranging from small companies to large corporations.  Volian developers are experienced in the development of application software utilizing Microsoft products. Tools used include Microsoft Access, SQL Server and Visual Studio.

Plant Health

Plant Health was developed for one of our nuclear utility clients. The Plant Health Portal is a data mining tool that makes information from many diverse sources more readily available to plant personnel.  A similar product, called System Health, provides all of the required information to a system engineer so that he can produce a quarterly report for each system.

Software Consulting

We believe today's technology can be used creatively to avoid tomorrow's problems.  Volian Enterprises assists businesses with automation of their processes and improving their productivity.

Business solutions today should provide the customer with Increased Productivity, Internet Support, and New Business Opportunities.  Volian develops systems that address:

  • Reductions in the number of manual steps required to do common tasks
  • Simplified user interfaces
  • Improved Access to Information
  • Long Term Strategy
  • Future Upgrade Paths
  • Reliability
  • Security