Since our formation in 1984, Volian has been recognized for its ability to provide quality engineering and procedure services in a cost effective manner.

Volian personnel were instrumental in resolving many of the accident management issues arising from the accident at TMI NPP in 1979.  Harry Julian, Volian's President, was a major contributor in the development of Emergency Response Guidelines (ERGs) for the PWR Owner's Group (PWROG).  Volian has assisted many utilities in developing EOPs, SAMGs, and EALS for the purpose of improving their accident management capabilities.

Our engineering services range from plant procedure database development support to complete procedure upgrade programs.  Please contact our Vice-President of Engineering, Paul Linn to discuss how Volian can assist you in solving your Accident Management needs.

EOP Setpoint Development

Our technical expertise in the areas of instrument channel accuracy and procedure setpoint development is reflected by a large number of EOP setpoint documentation sets formulated by Volian engineers.  Volian has produced setpoint documentation for the following customers:

  • Southern Nuclear - Vogtle
  • Ameren - Callaway
  • American Electric Power - D.C. Cook
  • Progress Energy - H.B. Robinson
  • Entergy Nuclear Northeast - Indian Point 2 & 3
  • Constellation Energy - R.E. Ginna
  • Dominion - Surry & North Anna
  • Nuclear Management Company - Point Beach
  • Wisconsin Public Service - Kewaunee
  • Wolf Creek Operating Corp. - Wolf Creek
  • Nuclear Management Company - Prairie Island
See the attached EOP Setpoint Marketing Presentation for more information. The picture to the left represents the typical project deliverables of an EOP Setpoint project.


Procedure And Support Documentation Upgrade Programs

Volian provides services to support all aspects of procedure upgrades including procedure writing, human factors engineering, writer's guide development, basis document development, and all aspects of training documentation.

We can assist utility personnel in the development or upgrade of their background material that support emergency operating procedures.  With our combined Background/Deviation document, you may be able to reduce the number of documents that need to be maintained, while providing more information to the operators and trainers.

Severe Accident Management GuidelinesWe have developed SAMGs for several of our customers.  Our background on EOPs and engineering analysis makes us qualified to provide high quality SAMG development services at reasonable rates.  Recently, we completed an effort to develop severe accident management procedures for a Russian-built RBMK reactor design, similar to the Chernobyl plant.
Instrument Channel Accuracy AnalysesVolian's methodology to determine instrument channel accuracies conform to ISA standards.  We will customize our methodology to be consistent with your existing methodology, if desired.
Emergency Plan ServicesVolian has developed plant-specific Emergency Action Level (EALs) from the NUMARC/NESP-007 guidelines for several utilities.  We can assist you in upgrading your EALs and in improving your emergency plan and the supporting Emergency Plan Implementing procedures.