About Volian Enterprises Inc.


Volian Enterprises, located near Pittsburgh PA, has been supporting the nuclear power industry since 1984.  Experience and in-depth knowledge really do count.  Volian's success in providing quality services and products to electric utilities that operate nuclear power plants (NPPs) has allowed us to enter our 34th year in 2018 as a competitive and preferred supplier.

We have assisted many power plants implement EOPs based on the PWR Owners Group (PWROG) Emergency Response Guidelines (ERGS).  Our services are the very best as recognized by utilities that seek our services to assist them in developing Emergency Operating Procedures (EOPs), Severe Accident Management Guidelines (SAMGs), and Emergency Action Levels (EALs).We are one of a very few providers of EOP Setpoint calculations for Westinghouse designed NPPs.

A testimony to the quality of Volian products is the longevity of VE-PROMS, first developed in 1985 that is the preferred procedure maintenance system at 18 NPP sites.


We are well-known in the nuclear industry for giving excellent value for our products and services.  Typically for much better deliverable quality our prices are two to ten times less than our competitors.  For services like EOP setpoints, we charge a very reasonable price for a superior product versus our competitors.  This statement is also true for our software product where competing products charge much more for inferior functionality (compared to VE-PROMS).  We would be happy to prove these statements by submitting a proposal to you the next time your utility needs support.


We are very proud that Volian personnel have in-depth knowledge and expertise in the areas they support.  Most of the people that support the development and customer service for VE-PROMS have in excess of 10 years experience supporting the product.

Our President, Harry Julian, was at Westinghouse after the TMI event and participated in resolving many issues, such as EOPs, Instrumentation requirements, operational analyses with operator actions for small break LOCA, Steam Generator Tube Rupture, Loss of Heat Sink and establishing design requirements for new reactor designs.

Volian's Vice-President of Engineering and Technical Expert on EOP setpoints and Instrumentation, Paul Linn, has over 25 years experience in developing EOP setpoints based on the WOG ERGs.  He takes an active, hands-on role on every EOP setpoint project that Volian is involved with.